The Knights of Columbus is committed to ending hunger in local communities by asking local councils to participate in the Orderwide Food for Families Program.

Since 2012, the Knights of Columbus has donated over $2.7 million and 3.8 million pounds of food to local food pantries, community food banks and soup kitchens.

Supreme Rebates
To help and encourage your Council, Assemblies, and Squire Circles to participate in this Food for Families Program, the Supreme Council offers a financial rebates program. For Councils or Assemblies, the Supreme Council will refund $100 for every $500 donated or for every 1,000 pounds of food that a Council or Assembly contributes to a parish food pantry, community food bank, (up to a maximum of $500 per Council or Assembly per fraternal year). Circles will receive a refund from the Supreme Council of $20 for every $100 donated, or every 100 pounds of food that is contributed (up to a maximum refund of $100 per circle per fraternal year). Reported contributions of food and/or monetary donations should be cumulative for the fraternal year. There is no need to send in a refund request every time a contribution is made; however, to be eligible for the rebate, the cumulative total of contributions of food and money needs to at a minimum of $500 or 1,000 pounds of food for Councils or Assemblies, and a minimum of $100 or 100 pounds of food for Circles. Food for Families donations must be validated via a receipt signed by the receiving organization.
In addition, the Supreme Council recognizes that participating in this program can be time consuming for the local Council. Should a Council choose to participate in this program, this will fulfill all four of the Family Activity requirements for the Columbian Award. In order for a Council to qualify as fulfilling all four requirements, the Council must collect and donate a minimum of 1,000 pounds of food and Council members must contribute a minimum of 100 man-hours in the program.


FOOD FOR FAMILIES REPORT FORMS should be submitted to Supreme anytime between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 as long as your Council or Assembly has donated the minimum of 1000 lbs. of food and/or a $1000 donation. Please submit forms totaling number of pounds donated, whether you attain the target goals or not by June 30, 2017. Timely reporting by Councils, Assemblies, and/or Squire Circles will ensure that Supreme can continue to maintain an accurate count of pounds donated by California.
Please outline the details of your Food for Families’ program on your Columbian Award Application (Due by June 30, 2017).
Participating Councils, Assemblies, Squire Circles can qualify to receive an attractive plaque by reporting activity in the program on the Food for Families Reimbursement Program Form (#10057) to the Supreme Council. Food for Families Report Forms (#10057) can be obtained at

Family of the Month and Family of the Year

familymonthBy participating in the Family of the Month and Family of the Year programs, your council honors families who exemplify the values taught by our Church and Order.

In order to recognize and promote family involvement in the Order through each of our Councils, the State Council will present month, statewide Family of the Month awards. Each month the council’s Grand Knight, in consultation with his Family Activities Director, should select a family that reflects the ideals of a K of C Catholic family. Participation of the individuals as well as the family unit in Community, Council, Church, Family and Youth Activities will all be considered.

Tell the story of their participation and what they do to make them stand out in your council. Describe the contributions and factors on why they should be considered in the Family of the Month. What is that makes this family an inspiration to the other families in the council and community.

In order to facilitate reporting, the State Council Family of the Month program this year will utilize the same reporting form as the Supreme Council (#1993A), which can be found in the following places:  On the Supreme website ( &  in the California Handbook.

The report for Supreme may be submitted electronically through their website. The State Council report preferable should be sent by e-mail to, the Family of the Month/Year Chairman, or by regular mail to the address in the Program CD to be considered for the monthly state award. The Supreme Council and State Council deadlines for receipt of the reports are the same. To have a family recognized by the State Council, the form #1993A must be received by the 15th of the following month (i.e. the Family of the Month for February must be reported by March 15th ).  Your program cd has the email and address information.

The State will also present a Family of the Year Award to one family at the State Convention. A separate Family of the Year Nomination Form is available on the Supreme website ( The nominations must be received by the State Chairman no later than March 15. Although not required, your Family of the Year nominee ideally comes from one of the monthly recipients.